Want to host your own benefit show? You can do it! Here are a few basic steps for getting started.

  • Share a Google Form (sample) with a pitch in local music groups, collect information from interested bands to form your line-up and help figure out which dates work for a critical mass!
  • Choose where to send the funds you raise. If immigration related, reach out to local groups to see if they want to provide information or can connect you with speakers personally affected by the immigration crisis.
  • Reach out to local music venues. Some of your bands probably have connections so ask them to reach out. Otherwise, many venues have booking contact info listed on their websites along with calendars where you can see if they have openings on the dates that work for your line-up.
  • Organize jam and plan sessions to help work out logistics for the shows, get to know your fellow musical activists, and recruit show captain volunteers for each date to help spread out responsibilities.
  • Get all the bands to promote the heck out of the shows, then jam out and donate the proceeds!