Local musicians, banding together FOR MIGRANT FAMILIES.

This is a volunteer-run effort organized by musicians from the DC DIY scene and Plain Great Productions. Net proceeds will be donated to Immigrant Families Together, which pay bonds for and provide services to families affected by U.S. immigration policies.

Featuring: A Measured Response, Ethan Andrew, dawnathan, Faded Home, Hostile Array, Lizard Hands, Ménage À Garage, MidMountain, Mistochord, Petty Indulgences, Richard Seymour, Slokey, Small Craft, Tavor, Trash Boat and the Ambush, Zen Warship.

Many thanks to the venues around Washington, DC hosting us, including Boundary Stone, Pie Shop, sPACYcLOUd, Dwell, and the Dew Drop Inn!